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Welcome to the Comber Digital Picture Library.   We hope you enjoy your visit and that you find the information useful. .   There are some pictures included of people, places and things that we are uncertain about. .   If you can add to the information regarding the photographs displayed here we would be very willing to add it to the site.   In particular we would like the names of the people, and the locations of the places shown.   History is a precious thing and it would be a sad loss to future generations if we let it slip through our fingers.

People from all corners of the Earth are trying to find their roots and it would be gratifying if this modest page helped in some way. .   This is a very large page and it will take some time for all the images to download, however once they are on your computer operating the images on the page will be very fast.

If you have any old photographs that you think should be included here please send them to the address below or contact us at the address below . We would like to take pictures of old artefacts such as ploughs and old machinery from Comber and districts past.   All photographs will be carefully protected and returned to their owners promptly.

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2nd Comber Boys Brigade taken on or about 1955.

The North Down cricket team which won the very first Senior Cup Final in 1887. Reproduced from “One Shot More...for the Honour of Down” by permission from the author.

The North Down cricket team which won the double in 1936. Reproduced from “One Shot More...for the Honour of Down” by permission from the author.

Robbie Fisher sold minerals and ice cream from his boat ! "The Adventurer" at Island Hill.

Aerial view of the Newtownards Road area of Comber in 1957. The Intermediate School is newly built.

Comber’s Air Raid Precautions unit during World War 2.

50th Belfast (2nd Comber) Boys’ Brigade Flute Band c. 1920

William Bennett’s shop in Castle Street. Mr Bennett is standing on the left.

The Big House in the Square c. 1940. Also featured are the First World War Memorial and the captured German field gun presented to the town in memory of Edmund de Wind VC.

Boyd's Shop in Railway Street.

The policeman doesn’t seem very busy in this 1920s view of The Square and Bridge Street. Note the large gas lamp at the corner attached to the shop of S Niblock, druggist.

Phase 1 of the Comber bypass construction in 1961. The Glen Road Railway Bridge has been demolished. Note the station buildings in the background.

Castle Street December 1977
Note the old oak tree which was knocked down in 1979 just in front of the toilet block.

The clock of St Mary’s Parish Church was taken down in May 1996 for repairs.
Left- Harry Milliken
Bertie McClure, "Horologist"
Right- Dennis Bell.

Comber Bowling Club
John Miller Andrews (president) and the members of Comber Bowling Club pictured at the Andrews Memorial Hall in 1937 after the official opening of their newly improved green. The improvements allowed them to play home matches in the Private Greens League.

Comber Cycling Club c. 1900.
Note RJ (Mickey) White, proprietor of a shop in Mill Street, at extreme right of front row. Anyone know where this picture was taken?
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