Comber Historical Society

RUC Officer on Point Duty. Practice day for the Ards TT Race 1928. The races ran from 1928 to 1936 when a bad crash in Newtownards brought them to an end. Note the Old House of the Andrews family in Castle Street.

The newly-built Comber Public Elementary School in 1938.

A class at Comber Public Elementary School in the early days.

Pupils line the route taken by the VIPs on opening day of Comber Public Elementary School in 1938. Included are James Andrews, the Lord Chief Justice, and Mrs Andrews, along with Major Workman, chairman of Down Regional Education Committee, and the managers of the former schools.

Her Majesty the Queen Visits Comber. Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) at St Mary’s Church on March 19th 1946. She was present as godmother at the baptism of Elizabeth Lavinia Sarah King, daughter of her lady-in-waiting.

The Gillespie Monument, The Square, Comber.

Mill Street. Comber

Workers in the Reeling Room at Comber Flax Spinning Mill.

Rowan’s stand, erected on the Belfast Road for the TT Race, looks as if it is about to topple over. The shed it is attached to is still in existence.

Second Comber (Smyth’s) Schoolhouse after the serious fire in 1933.

The former Smyth’s schoolhouse at Second Comber. This was demolished in 1993.

Rev Stevenson with the Scout troop formed in 1953 at St Mary’s.

Soldiers interrogate an Inglis breadserver opposite the Mill. Or they might just be buying soda farls.

Space Dyers on the Newtownards Road, now demolished. This was once the site of the Lower Distillery.

Comber Spinning Mill 1920s, from an old postcard.

The Londonderry School in Comber Square seen on an old postcard. It closed in 1938.

Comber Railway Station off the Glen Road. Comber was a junction on the Belfast and County Down Railway until its closure in 1950.

An early postcard view of Comber station c. 1900. The train has just arrived from Belfast.

Staff at Comber station 1936.

The petrol filling station opened by Freddie Strickland in 1958. Note the old grain store in the distance.

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