Comber Historical Society

Mr Cameron and the teachers of Comber Public Elementary School c. 1955.

Comber Tennis Club team pictured at the Andrews Hall courts 1958.

The Fire Brigade fight a blaze at the derelict Thompson Hall in Mill Street in 2001.

The Troughs (pronounced trows) once brought water from the Glen River to the Upper Distillery dam in Killinchy Street. They can still be found among the undergrowth off the Comber bypass.

A typing class at Comber Intermediate School late 1950s.

The Gillespie Monument is unveiled in 1845 before an estimated crowd of 30,000.

Upper Killinchy Street, from an old postcard. Note the level crossing gates in the background behind the car.

Comber UVF in 1914 outside Cuan (now Eusemere) on the Killinchy Road. This was the home of Captain George Bruce, the Company Commander.

Comber police under Sergeant Edwards have just confiscated a whiskey still 1940s.

Comber White Flag LOL 244 outside the Andrews Hall on 12th July 1919.
Copyright A.R. Hogg.

The Comber River at Cherryvalley, usually referred to as the Ghaist Hole due to the activities of 18th century smugglers. Note the chimney at Castle Espie brick works in the background.

Willie Brown, at four foot eight inches (1.42 metres) the smallest postman in Ireland.

Gordon Hamiltonís woodwork class at Comber Intermediate School late 1950s.

A Gentleman of Old Comber.

ON 29 May 1928, dozens of small reddish-coloured fish fell on the roof of a house in County Down during a thunderstorm. The owner, James McMaster, Drumhirk, near Comber, said they were mostly about two inches long. Surrounding hedges were blackened as if they had been struck by lightning. There was no river nearby, and Strangford Lough was over two miles away. Could this be the ledgendary Comber fish... "Seranus cabrilla" .?

Comber Recreation Football Club .
tria juncta in uno   three joined in one

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