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Nurseryvale Harriers, - who were based at the Coach Rd - near Ballystockart and is a 1931-32 photo.

Ballydrain Harriers in the early 1940s

An Old Comber Postcard.

The ' Comber Queen '. The Driver Mr Smith is on the left. Cecil the conductor is on the right.
Buses of Comber

The ' Slieve Donard '. Mr Smith on the left, with his conductor Cecil.
Buses of Comber

The ' Slieve Donard '. Mr Smith and Cecil with Susannah Johnson Smith née Drain in the middle.
Buses of Comber

Mr Smith on the right, others unknown.
Location:- Cantrell & Cochrane's, Victoria Square,
Buses of Comber
  The gentleman standing to the left is the bus owner David Beattie, originally from Tullyveery and in later years residing in Lisbarnett. You will note the "BT" in the Company name on the front of the bus, I can only surmise this is a homophone!? I have this photo in the house somewhere. I know this because he is my grandfather - he died in 1951 aged 77, if this helps you to date the photo!
Brian Patton

Mr Smith on the left, others unknown.
Buses of Comber

Tommy Crosby's Taxi. The girl standing on the right of the photograph is Annie Shufflebottom. The woman is Rose Wallace and the young boy in the car, Rose's son, Rex, they were frequent visitors to Comber from Manchester.

Mr Thompson probably of LOL 1035 and RBP 186;

Andrews Memorial Hall, Comber, County Down, Northern Ireland.

A postcard showing views of Comber.

Mill Street, Comber c1986

Comber Square. The White Pillars round the base of Rollo have all been taken away.

I am trying to get some help in identifying people in the attached photo taken in 1933. We know that the young man (center) is Adrian "Bill" DeWind, son of Norman DeWind whose brother was Edmund DeWind. We believe the woman on his left is Alice Maud DeWind. The woman to Alice's left is Edith Caroline DeWind. The woman in front of Edith, we believe to be Bessie Stone. We do not know the others. Could you help us in confirming the people and identifying those we can't identify?

Bessie Stone and Friend.
Refers to picture on left.
1... Bessie Stone
6...Edith Caroline DeWind.
8...Adrian "Bill" DeWind
9...Alice Maud DeWind

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