Comber Historical Society

Laurel Bank FC, a Comber football team, 1912.

The Andrews Flax Spinning Mill c. 1900 from an old postcard. The picture is taken from the field where the Andrews Memorial Hall now stands.

Mill Street c. 1900 from an old postcard. The picture shows the shop of Mickey White, who published the postcard.

Lower Crescent, known as Hen Dung Row in honour of its poultry population.

Lower Killinchy Street

The Market House in Killinchy Street (formerly Market Street) was built c. 1840 behind where the police station was situated. Later it was taken over by the Distillery. It was demolished in the 1950s.

Mary Niblock’s spirit store in Bridge Street. The elaborate doorway is still there.

Comber Maypole Dancers, Pupils of the Londonderry School gathered round the maypole in the 1930s. Note the Glebe House in the background.

Interior of Comber Methodist Church, demolished 1995.

Looking along Millview c. 1915. The house where Ottilie Patterson, famous jazz and blues singer, was born in 1932 is that beyond the second single-storey cottage.

Miss Coulter’s class at Comber Primary School c. 1956.

Gillespie has the old weighbridge shed for company in this picture. Note also the phone box.

The Girls’ Brigade make their way past the Inspecting Officer just outside the Andrews Hall c. 1960.

A scene in Mill Street c. 1915.

Dedication of the War Memorial Gardens in Comber Square 1952.

Harold Porter’s chemist shop on the corner of the Square and Castle Street.

The coloured backgrounds indicate a completed page, the workman shows where a page is being built.
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